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1. Bearing Rings

The race noise exaggerates the vibration and noise of the bearing directly, which caused by the natural vibration of the rings after the rings taking the loads. It can increase the roundness of the raceway, the precision of the waviness, then, to lower the bearings vibration and noise.  

(Race Noise- When the rolling parts run in the raceway, there comes a kind of stable and continuous noise.)

2. Steel Balls

The steel balls’ vibration and surface roughness has the direct effect on the bearings noise. Thus, we purchased the lowest vibration values, super precise balls, together offering the steel balls roundness and waviness etc. charaterials. The steel balls will be checked under a 100-fold microscope to make sure no scratches, damages etc. on the surface. By controlling of the steel balls, the bearings vibration and noise can be decreased.

3. Cages

Cage Noise- A kind of noise caused by the free-vibration cage impacts with other rolling parts, during the bearings operation. The cage noise will increase the bearings vibration and noise. To eliminate the noise, we could level up the cage precision, choose the small gap and movement cages to improve it.

4. Cleanliness

The thoroughly cleaning for bearings parts and semi-finished bearings is significant for bearings vibration and noise. Choose the advanced washing machines to improve the cleanliness of bearings, it will lower the bearings noise and vibration.

5. Grease

The bearing grease plays a key role in the vibration damping and noise reduction of the bearing. The proper grease helps extend the bearings life, also lower the bearings vibration and noise. Especially for motors with special requirements of noise, the bearing grease is particularly important. We can adopt different greases to fulfill the bearings in the special filed according to customers demands.

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